Lacrimal gland tumor


A lacrimal gland tumor is a tumor in the glands that release tears. These glands are located above and to the side of each eye. The tumor can be harmless (benign) or cancer (malignant).

What are the symptoms of Lacrimal gland tumor?

  • Double vision
  • Fullness in one eyelid or the side of the face
  • Pain


A head and neck or eye (orbital) specialist will perform an examination and evaluate vision. Tests may include a CT or MRI scan.

Treatment options

Often patients need surgery to remove the tumor. Cancerous tumors may need additional treatment.

Where to find medical care for Lacrimal gland tumor?

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What to expect (Outlook/Prognosis)?

If lacrimal gland tumor is not treated, the child may be permanently unable to fully move the elbow. With treatment, there is usually no permanent damage.

The outlook is generally excellent for noncancerous growths. The outlook for cancer depends on the type of cancer and stage at which it is discovered.



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